making a difference now for future generations

Our Mission

Here at the Featherwell Foundation, we believe that conservation and increasing biodiversity across the globe is one of the most important roles that we can play to re-address the balance of humanisation and restore natural resources in order to secure a future for any raptor species that is now in decline.

By helping to source and secure specific habitats that are key to supporting the long term breeding and hunting success for raptors, we will also help support other vital ecosystems within these areas so that many other species of animals and plants will benefit from our projects.

The Featherwell Foundation will help UK and International projects by securing funding for habitats, as well as working on the ground level to build and install nest boxes, educate the local communities on what they can do to help their environment and to fund veterinary care and rehabilitation programs for wild, injured birds of prey

There are many dedicated, hard working organisations that rehabilitate and release wild birds of prey and other animals back to their natural habitats. The Featherwell Foundation will support these organisations and raise funding for their rehabilitation facilities and any costs incurred for vet fees and other expenses relating to the animals' recovery care.

Our Projects

We are currently organising some exciting, brand new conservation projects and will be able to share our plans and affiliated partnerships very soon!

You can still donate to our future conservation campaigns here and we will be updating the website with our projects throughout the year.

Every donation allows us to build stronger bonds with other non profit organisations that rely on outside funding to do their amazing work, as well as secure our plans to get our own environmental projects off the ground.